Business Retention



Business Retention and Expansion in Chapel Hill/Orange County

The Town of Chapel Hill and Orange County's economic development offices have held several events this year to help in educating and meeting our businesses.  These events provide the two director's the opportunity to be in the public eye hear about any issues or concerns and offer an learning opportunity. 


(Left to right) Mark Sherburne, Ellen Shannon, Mary Jane Nirdlinger and  Dan Shannon.

(Left to right) Mayor Pam Hemminger and Judith Cone.


Female Leaders Receive Advice from Former N.C. Governor Bev Perdue 


Female business owners, elected officials and others gathered in February for the Women in Business & Leadership Symposium at The Carolina Inn. Attendees enjoyed seeing old friends and making new connections over tea and lunch in the Chancellors’ Ballroom. Speaker Robin Whitsell of Whitsell Innovations told the audience that “it’s OK to name and own the thing you want in your life” and discussed how she recast the label “brash” into “bold” or “brave.” Former N.C. Governor Bev Perdue encouraged everyone to think about the consequences of their decisions because, as she said, “When you’re my age, you want to look back and say, ‘I’ve had a grand ride.’” 

Town of Chapel Hill Economic DevelopmentOrange County Economic Development, Walker Lambe, The Carolina Inn and Chapel Hill Magazine jointly made this event possible.


(Left to right) Dan Shannon and Rory Gillis with former Gov. Bev Perdue.



(Left to right) Andre Griffith Cash, David Baron, Larry Loeser, and Tom Ferguson.


Business owners and entrepreneurs gathered for the Raising Capital in the Modern Era symposium over breakfast at The Carolina Inn in May. Chapel Hill Magazine’s Senior VP of Content Andrea Griffith Cash moderated a panel that included David Baron of The Nugget, Tom Ferguson of Rise Biscuits & Donuts and Larry Loeser, an angel investor and online banker. The panelists touched on topics like crowdfunding and franchising and answered questions from the audience.

The event was made possible by Town of Chapel Hill Economic Development, Orange County Economic Development, The Carolina Inn and Chapel Hill Performance BMW 

For more information about these events:

Dwight Bassett, Economic Development Officer

Town of Chapel Hill

(919) 969-5010


Steve Brantley, Economic Development Director

Orange County

(919) 245-2326