Launch Spotlight: Vendr


Launch Spotlight:  Vendr

Discover Local Deals and Embrace Your Style

Vendr is an iOS e-commerce app that connects local vendors (local stores, shops, and people with something to sell) with buyers in a designated radius. The platform is designed to give local vendors the ability to display and sell their items online through a simple one-step process. Users enjoy a serendipitous tinder-like experience by swiping through a stack of local items, deciding which to save to purchase or pass on. Through messaging, a payment platform, and bargaining system, both the buyer and the seller will walk away from the transaction feeling satisfied.

The app is designed for local merchants that may not have the capabilities or time to produce and maintain a full scale website. Vendr also caters to stores whose catalog and merchandise is constantly fluctuating i.e. consignment shops and thrift stores. Utilizing a swipe interaction design, similar to popular dating apps, Vendr provides users with a unique shopping experience. As a user swipes through a deck of local items, the app begins to recommend items to the user that reflect their specific tastes. After the user expresses interest in a certain item for sale, the app puts the buyer in contact with the local merchant to either place the item on hold or directly purchase the item inside the app.

Vendr's target market is college age students within the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area. Cash-strapped students create a sizable opportunity to capitalize on the second-hand market that thrives within college communities. Merchants who choose to utilize Vendr will receive analytics insights based on user purchasing decisions and item likes. This includes information about which items are most popular and also discerns the exact details, qualities, and features that customers are looking for. Every vendor is verified through our authentication process as well as user reviews so that buyers can be confident in their purchases. Users can also find information within the app about the store’s location, website, etc.

Vendr allows merchants to become more connected with their community by offering an easy way to sell/display items to local patrons that they may not otherwise reach. Vendr offers a pleasant and enjoyable way to find affordable items and treasures locally.

Over the past few months the Vendr team has been sending out invitations and hosting testing events. Using feedback they have received from users and merchants, programmers have been refining the iOS app and are working on the development of an Android compatible app. Vendr is currently available for download from the apple app store with services in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area. The team hopes to bring the service to Asheville later this fall. 


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