Marketing Strategy

We have been using the Open2 phrase recently to help in reminding ourselves and citizens all of the things that help make Chapel Hill who it is.  This is a part of our efforts to openly talk about the elements of our brand as an output of the work we are doing on the Council’s Commercial Development Strategy.Open2

This idea came about as we were putting the final touches on the new web site and I began looking at domain options for using  We asked a local ad agency to vet whether this is a direction we should go and what the uses might be. It came back with a resounding yes, a great idea!  We are also encouraging other departments to use the phrase with the work that they do.

We are using Open2 as a hash-tag on our Twitter feed and in as many ways possible to help reinforce the things that make us a great community.  So much can follow the Open2 including things like: The Arts, Transit, Tech, Foodies, Smart Growth, Green, Culture, Education, Data, Sustainability, Innovation and much more.  The most important this is that we are Open2You!

What is something that you think Chapel Hill if Open2?